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For May 11th 2013

God Loves Everyone

Materials required: None
Characters: Mickey (puppet)
Sara (real person! J)
Mickey: (appears at the puppet stage moaning & making ghastly noises) I feel terrible.  Really awful.  Really really bad and really really awful.  And besides that, I really don’t feel too good.
SARA:  Why Mickey, what’s the matter with you?  You don’t look sick and (putting a hand on Mickey’s forehead) you don’t have a fever.  What’s wrong?
MICKEY:   (Still moaning) Urrgghh!  There’s nothing you can do for me now … I’m beyond help.  Things have gone from bad to worse and then some.  It’s no use … I’m DOOMED!!
SARA:  Mickey!  Now nothing could possibly be that bad.  Stop moaning and just tell me what is the matter with you!
MICKEY:   Well alright, but it’s no use.  You can’t help me but I’ll tell you anyway – just stop moaning at me!  OK.  Yesterday I was at my friend Bartholemew’s house.  I go over there all the time because he has a pool and sometimes he let’s me play in it.
       His mum was busy that day so she couldn’t look after us and we were playing some games on the lawn of his house.  After running around for a while, I got really hot and wanted to go for a swim.  But stupid Bartholemew wouldn’t let me – “No, we have to wait for my mum so she can come and look after us while we’re swimming in the pool.”
       I told him he was just a big scaredy-cat because he wouldn’t even walk around next to the pool.  So just to prove me wrong, he went over and stood next to the pool.
       Well, I was so mad at him for not letting me go for a swim that I … I ran over and … well kind of … pushed him a little bit so that he … well … kind of … fell into the pool without his floaties on.
SARA:  You did what?  You pushed your friend into a deep pool while his mum wasn’t there and without his floaties on?  That’s terrible!  What happened to Bartholemew after that?
MICKEY:   Well, he kind of started splashing a lot and gasping quite a bit.  Then in between all of that, he was sort of … yelling out to his mum.
SARA:  So did his mum come out?
MICKEY:   Yes … eventually.  But by the time she came Bartholemew was a little … well … kind of bluish.  She got him out and dried him off then smacked him for swimming in his clothes.  While she was doing that, I kind of sneaked off back to my house so I wouldn’t get caught!
SARA:  My goodness, that is terrible Mickey.  How could you do such a thing?
MICKEY:   I know, I know.  See … I told you I’d done something really bad and terrible.  I told you I was doomed.  I don’t think he will ever forgive me.  He’ll be mentally traumatised for life now!  It’s all my fault!  I’m DOOMED!!!
SARA:  Mickey, look, you’re not “doomed”.  What you need to do is to say sorry to Bartholemew first then say sorry to God.
MICKEY:   No!  That’s why I’m doomed!  Because God could never forgive something as bad as that could he?  That’s way out of God’s area isn’t it?  I’ll bet he doesn’t even love me anymore.  I really am DOOMED!!
SARA:  Mickey, will you quit it with the DOOMED routine?  Of course God forgives all our sins – including the really bad ones.  God loves us even when we do things which don’t make him happy.  Isn’t that right children?
       God loves us when we do good things but he even loves us when we do bad things.  God doesn’t love the bad things – but he still loves us!
       Mickey, you need to ask God to forgive you, then ask your friend to forgive you too.  You know what?  I’ll bet both of them still love you because they are true friends.
MICKEY:   You’re right!  I feel a bit better already!  I’m going to go right now and talk to Bartholemew and tell him and his mum that I’m sorry and then I’m going to ask God to forgive me too.  Bye!  Thanks.
- END -