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Our puppet ministry is a fun playful way to share the love of Jesus with our young children.  

History of puppeteering

Puppets and marionettes have been around in various cultures for hundreds of years. A puppeteer controls a puppet with one hand and also usually speaks the dialogue of the character. The main forms of puppetry are finger puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets and shadow puppets.

Our puppet ministry's story...

The Gulf Coast SDA puppet ministry was founded in the winter of 2011, and is a well loved ministry, it is enjoyed by children and adults alike.  The main goal and purpose of the puppet ministry is to teach God's word in ways that small children may be able to grasp the meaning better.  Not only do the puppets teach well meaningful bible stories to our young children they also try to teach morals and proper manners in a way that children may be able to understand what they are being told.


We are back up and running again!  Our next skit will be on Jan. 31st  Come and enjoy our fun filled way of sharing God's word with our young ones, and our young at heart.

Please keep the puppet ministry in your prays and let us all pray that God will send more people into the ministry to help keep it running and bringing joy into our children's hearts and God's knowledge to their minds.  Thank you and God bless.